Teens and their parents flock in droves to Twilight premiere (w/video)

by Evan Sernoffsky/video by Jason Williams

Eugene, Ore—Lines of kids and a few brave parents weaved around Regal Cinemas Stadium 15 at Valley River Center Tuesday night for the midnight opening of Eclipse, the newest installment in the Twilight Saga. Many of the rabid fans of the Twilight franchise have been waiting in line since the mall opened at nine o’clock this morning.

“They come with their sleeping bags, games, lunch—anything to get a place in line and be one of the first to see this movie,” says Diana Bray, Senior Marketing Manager for the Valley River Center. Regal Cinemas will be showing the movie starting at midnight on 14 different screens, and if necessary will have another showing at 3am for any fans who don’t get tickets for one of the midnight shows.

At 6pm Tuesday evening, all midnight showings were already sold out.

The first film in the Twilight series premiered in 2008 and was an instant box office smash. The films are based on a series of books by American author Stephanie Meyer and have a built in fan base that is reminiscent of the Harry Potter series. The fantasy series has vampires, romance, heartbreak, and action, and it is particularly popular among young adults.

Fans of the films and book series take sides for whom they think Bella, the main female character, will be with. It is Team Jacob versus Team Edward, and if you don’t have a side you better go home.

Zach Glouber stands in line wearing a Team Jacob shirt and explains his alliance. “He transforms into a wolf, that’s pretty sweet. The Vampires like glitter, not so sweet,” he says as his friends erupt in laughter.

Not everyone in line to see Eclipse however, is of the teenybopper crowd. “My husband thinks I’m totally crazy. He asked me if I wanted him to be waiting at home in his Edward costume,” says Sandy Graham, 39, an outspoken member of Team Edward.

For tickets and show times visit: http://www.fandango.com/regalvalleyrivercenterstadium15_aauhx/theaterpage

About evan1983

Evan Sernoffsky is a freelance journalist in Sacramento, California.
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