Media Analysis: “Theater of the Absurd” by Mike Allen & Glenn Thrush

By: Jason A. Williams

One of the things that I really like about reporting is when a story gives a glimpse behind the scenes of a major operation. The reason I like it is because that glimpse has the chance of telling me more about what is really happening than anything a talking head can ever accomplish.

This is one of the reasons that I chose to analyze “Theater of the Absurd,” from What Mike Allen and Glenn Thrush do in this article is break down the realities of the White House during the past week. Whether the Oval Office is dealing with the massive BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico or dealing with having to fire its leading officer in the War with Afghanistan by reading this article it gives you sense of just how unpredictable or “absurd” the world is and just how much the President and his staff have to deal with on a daily basis.

“Let me get this straight,” Obama later told senior adviser David Axelrod. “A robot knocked off the Top Hat? Come on, guys. Are you kidding me?” (From Article)

This article works because it connects with the people that are running this country, and especially with the President, on a level that makes it personal not just political. This is what I can only hope to do when I’m writing; every time I sit down, every time I attempt to relay a piece, I want to be able to connect with my readers in a way that connects them with the person or event that I’m writing about. I want them to be there.  That is after all why I’m writing and who I’m writing for, the reader. By being connected to the topic, by being connected to what I’m writing about, whether it is the latest technology or the next environmental disaster, I am no good if I’m not becoming part of the experience. Mike and Glenn do this, they become part of the experience and that is what makes this a piece to learn from.

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