Saving Green in Amazon

Saving Green in Amazon


Some Amazon neighbors are doing more than just thinking green, they’re living it

Sealed tighter than a zip lock bag, Peter Reppe’s South Eugene home reflects what he calls his “fanatic drive to reduce energy consumption”.  With only three other Eugene houses that compare, Reppe’s Amazon area home is a model for green living.

Just last year, before the house underwent renovations that nearly doubled square footage, the electricity bill was nearly the same as it is today.  On top of that, Reppe and his wife Anne Kneeland added baby Camas to the mix.  The washing machine runs more than ever before, yet the family manages to maintain the same electric bill with twice the living space and a messy new addition to the family.

The trick to their savings?  …click here to continue reading

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  1. eminormajor says:

    Awesome Alli, just awesome.

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