Enterprise Update #2

The last time I shared my “progress” with the class (and anyone else who reads this), I have to admit I hadn’t done much.  The topic I chose, a piece on Eugene’s Fisherman’s Market, didn’t seem to have any obvious societal, cultural, environmental, etc., issues – so I had no idea where to look to get information for my story.

Last Monday I had an interview with the owner of the market, Ryan Rogers, who I talked with for close to 2 hours.  During our conversation I learned about commercial fishing, what Rogers called “Resource Management,” and how the oil spill in the gulf is affecting everyone in the fishing business.  I hung around the market and even got to tour the buildings (the cooler and freezer both bigger than my bedroom), and from the experience, I suddenly had too many places to look for information.

So, I continued my research.  I found a website dedicated to the effects of climate change, and commercial fishing on the population of fishable sea-creatures, hundreds of articles discussing the economical issues that the oil spill is causing, and even more contacts for more information about coastal law and resource management.

I wrote the draft, and it became clear that I still have a lot to do in the next couple days. I made a phone call to a professor here at UO who specializes in coastal law, and hope to hear back from him soon.  I’m hoping to get my interviews completed by tomorrow so I can start to polish my story!

About mikihunt

I'm a journalism student at the University of Oregon
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