Enterprise Update

By Kendall Fields

Last week did not go as planned. The meeting I was supposed to go to was canceled, so I am feeling a little behind. I am lucky that the meeting will take place tomorrow evening, so I can at least get the information I need at the start of the week and avoid the major scramble this weekend.

I interviewed another DST client and I am feeling confident about the information she gave me. I think that her interview in combination with the other client’s will allow me to paint a good picture of the difficulties of teen pregnancy and what organizations are available to help them.

I am still fine-tuning the angle on my story. I want to be able to discuss the triumphs and tribulations of being a teen parent without straying too far away from DST’s organization, since it is the main connection to downtown.

I had a break through this week when I found statistical data demonstrating a declining trend in teen pregnancies in Lane County that was correlated to increasing help and awareness of organizations such as DST.

Overall, I am still hopeful that I will be able to pull everything together and write a great story. This week is going to be chaotic for me, however, since I have some other classes with major tests and assignments and I have relatives coming into town to stay with me. With a little luck and a lot of focus I could have another break through and really do this story justice.

About kendallrfields

I am a student at the University of Oregon.
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