Amazon Neighbors Update

Meeting with Dave Stucky went well, managed to obtain the names of several people around the community growing their own gardens. Whitey Lueck who Stucky describes as a “local legend” is particularly interesting and I hope to hear from him soon. Anne Hubbird is another person of interest.

For the sake of the story, I volunteered to sacrifice myself in an effort to extract a beehive either this week or next, depending on the weather. We devised a system almost like a deep sea crab trap to catch the bees at night and safely transport them into a hive.

For my story I want to show why the bees are so important, what you can do with a few garden greens and lentils, why sustainability is so important to more than just your own health and the benefits of living close to the earth. I still have some interviews to conduct, but I’m sure the Amazon is full of interesting people.

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