Update on Enterprise story

By Michelle Li

This Friday, I walked into the Eugene Public Library again and tried to dig more information and resource for my enterprise story. The children’s section was almost empty, only with 3 to 4 kids there. It’s probably because the weather was so nice that everybody stayed outside camping.  I planed to talk to some parents and kids when they have their regular storytelling time, but this seemed not going to happen.

But I did meet into some very important people in my story and got the right interview sources.

I first went to the lady at the front desk in the kids’ section. She was very nice to talk to, and most important, she gave me the name card of Youth Services Manager. “Just call him for an interview, and he will talk, or find someone else to talk to you,” the lady smiled.

Then I returned to the teen’ section, and a staff stand there was Traci Glass, the Teen Services Librarian. I talked to her about 15 minutes. She introduced the general services teen’s section has. The program they have been doing is called “Teen Team.”  It has three programs each year, in summer, spring and winter. The summer program is 5 weeks long, the others are 8 weeks.

Traci introduced how they organized the programs, and gave me some very good sources like the Young Writer Association and the DIVA in downtown. The library signed contract with artists and writers from the community to teach the children, and get help from the City of Eugene Recreation Services. The programs were mainly in the forms of arts crafts, book meetings and movies showing. Traci also mentioned how the programs has a problem of not having enough staff, which might can be explored more.

I made a list of which questions I might ask the Youth Services Manager about, and sent him an email. I did not back from him yet, but this is a very good start, thanks to the nice weather.

About michelleqianli

Michelle QianLi is currently studying MCDM at University of Washington. She is a native-born Chinese and came to U.S. in 2008.
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