Enterprise Update: Home Sustainability Changes Mean Savings

Saving Green

by Alli Jarvinen

After attending my neighborhood’s monthly Steering Committee Meeting last week, I found that my topic changed, hopefully in the right direction.  I had initially wanted to write about the real estate market in the area, but now I need to narrow that down.  Talking about real estate would require expert level knowledge on my part. I’m not a real estate expert and trying to learn all the ins and outs about the market within our limited time frame would be a major stretch.  I have done research about housing demographics in Amazon, but the market is constantly changing, almost on a day-to-day basis.

Now, I’m thinking about focusing my story more on how homeowners in the area are making efforts to save money or improve the value of their homes by making environmentally conscious  changes.  I think the new direction of my enterprise story better encompasses my knowledge base and my interests.  Following this angle could also advance my professional aspirations to work for Real Simple someday.

At the Amazon Neighbors Steering Committee Meeting there was a presentation by Sherry Wellborn, a Climate Master and Amazon resident, on sustainability measures you can take in your own home to save energy and money.  Her expertise and training in the topic revealed some very unique tips for environmental and cost saving household changes that anyone can make.  I’m hoping to arrange a meeting with her to discuss areas in which the Amazon neighborhood is making sustainable changes in their homes.

As some have written before me, the more I learn about my topic, the more there is to do.  I’m anticipating a meeting with Ms. Welborn will tilt the story closer to completion, or at least in a more focused direction.  I hope to pick her brain for  contacts within the neighborhood that will provide me with individual stories of savings through sustainability efforts.

As we approach week 9, I can hardly believe how little time I have left to get the highest quality research I need in order to write a valuable, portfolio worthy, enterprise story.  If you know anyone in the Amazon area who is saving money by making eco-friendly upgrades, please contact me. Good luck to everyone!

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