Enterprise story progress report: Whiteaker businesses.

I’m sure we’re all aware of this at this point, but it’s funny how with this type of project, doing work on it just makes you realize how much more work you have ahead of you. It’s a bit daunting, but I also find it sort of exciting. Everyone I’ve talked to thus far have shifted and deepened what I know about my topic, and how I envision the final project being.

Since I’m looking at the business community in the Whiteaker, I’ve been going around to work establishments and chatting with employees, managers and owners. It’s been fun talking to people. Most have a lot to say about their community, which is a common thread among most people that I’ve spoken to in the neighborhood. I’ve had some chats with some PRI employees, and have an engagement to go back to talk to a group about their experiences in the Whiteaker.

Though I think the angle I have right now for my story is pretty solid, there’s a lot more shades that I want to add. I’m hoping to head to the neighborhood a couple times this week and canvass the businesses I haven’t approached yet. I’ve got plans to hit Sam Bond’s and the Wandering Goat, which are both pretty quintessential Whiteaker businesses; they’ve been there forever, and I think are some of the most well-known spots down there.

Ninkasi is a company oft-mentioned by other people I’ve spoken with. I’ve contacted them for an interview, and I’m excited to get a perspective from a business that’s done nothing but flourish and grow since it started. They’re working on a big expansion right now. They have a slide in their new brew house! Check it!

Anyway, like I said, I feel pretty good about the work I’ve done and the research I’ve pursued, but I think this week is gonna be crucial in doing more interviews and research, to solidify my ideas/angle/writing. I think that by the time I write next week’s update, there’s gonna be a stronger and more solid enterprise story forming.

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