South University Has A Drinking Problem

By: Brooke Brown

It’s a beautiful, scenic road with ivy-covered victorian-style houses and many a Lexus parked in carefully manicured driveways. On the sidewalk at the end of the driveway lays an empty fifth of Burnetts vodka and some crushed cans of cheap beer. In Eugene’s South University neighborhood, there always seems to be a reminder that University of Oregon students are living only a few blocks away.

In one of Eugene’s most historic and stunning neighborhoods, many long-time residents are getting fed up with the weekend creatures of the night, aka the excessive partiers from the UO. While the two groups overall peacefully coexist, enough incidents have occurred recently to warrant possible action from the University.

Excessive drinking, like that in Animal House, doesn't just affect students

Neighbors of South University have had quite a few concerns that they have wanted to be addressed by the UO for years. Tim Godfrey, 38, said neighbors have been doing all they can to work with the University to have everyone happily coexist.”There was talk of possibly extending campus DPS through our neighborhood in the next couple years,” said Godfrey. But that change has been nothing but a suggestion that the University has said they are looking into.

“We love students, but at some point you get sick of the music and loud voices late at night. We just want our neighborhood respected,” said Godfrey. There have been repeated complaints about noise issues in the neighborhood, and many residents are beginning to record noise levels for later records. Also, the Eugene Police Department has agreed to add additional patrols for the South University neighborhood area to try and control the disruptive students on Friday and Saturday nights.

The University has taken its own action by agreeing to meet with neighborhood residents to discuss the issue and possible solutions. But the solutions have all amounted to a time frame of at least 1-2 years, leaving South University residents in a standstill. For now, it’s up to students to try and remember, even though thoughts might be getting a little foggy, the importance of a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

A house on University Street, only 2 blocks from UO, in the South University neighborhood

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