Sam Bond’s Garage

By Reed Jackson

On a cool, rain-drenched spring night in Eugene, there may be no better place to refuel your energy than Sam Bond’s Garage. Located in Eugene’s eclectic Whiteaker neighborhood, Sam Bond’s has been serving brews since the mid-nineties and features a variety of delicious ales and lagers. The Centennial India Pale Ale, for example, is a classic Northwest IPA brewed with crystal malts that give it a rich golden color and a sharp bitter finish.

Via Upstream in Oregon


In the hopes of capturing the uniqueness of the neighborhood that surrounds it, Sam Bond’s has a low-key atmosphere that is a refreshing change from the multitude of loud and crowded bars that can be found in the city’s downtown area.  The beautiful, vine-covered patio out back is a great place to sit, drink and unwind as the colorful sounds of the neighborhood flow gently over your head. Enjoy a full menu of pub snacks, burgers, sandwiches and salads, which do not fall to the frequent sub par standards of bar food as Sam Bond’s is renowned for its delectable vegan menu.

If you’re a fan of live music, Sam Bond’s is a perfect place to view what the local Eugene music scene has to offer. From bluegrass to tribal music, Sam Bond’s has weekly concerts that present bands from a variety of different genres. If you’re a musician yourself, Mondays are open mic nights at Sam Bond’s, which allow striving instrumentalists to showcase their musical ability.

Sam Bond’s is part of a proud Oregon tradition of friendly, casual brewpubs with mouth-watering, homebrew-quality beer. Although the service at times can be a little slow due to the amount of people who venture to the bar daily, if you want a quality neighborhood establishment owned and staffed by real local people with a passion for what they do, stop by Sam Bond’s Garage.

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