Restaurant Review: Burrito Amigos

Authentic, Fresh Mexican Food in Amazon

by Alli Jarvinen

EUGENE, Ore – Peel and stick tile flooring, red and white neon lights, and sparkly red chairs.: This is not the environment you’d expect to find tasty, authentic Mexican food, but you’d be surprised.  Home of the “Wet Burrito”, Burrito Amigos has nine locations around Eugene with one in the quiet Amazon neighborhood.  This Mexican restaurant is family run and operated boasting “fresh and health Mexican food Taqueria style”.

Around 8:15 on a Monday night, the restaurant was barren, aside from two employees joking with each other in Spanish and a bearded fellow eating his Wet Burrito.

“I recommend the Tropical Taco over anything else,” said a Burrito Amigos employee, “I have at least two every day.”

The Tropical Taco is made up of 2 small corn tortillas served with 2 large coconut breaded shrimp with about two spoonfuls of mango pico de gallo. “You ate it wrong,” said a friendly employee as he wiped down a nearby table. “It’s better with both tortillas together”. Apparently I made the mistake of separating the tortillas and dividing the contents equally. The taco was zesty, and although I’m not a fan of shrimp or coconut, I kind of liked it. It was definitely unique and worth trying.

The Amigo Burrito, found on the customer favorite’s menu, was only slightly less rotund than a burrito found at national chains like Chipotle or Qdoba, but managed to not completely weigh me down.  My stomach feels like it’s holding a brick after a burrito from Qdoba.  That isn’t to say I wasn’t satisfied, because I certainly was.  The flavor was simple and not overdone. This must be what “authentic” tastes like.

The contents were well mixed, unlike some burritos where you get a mouthful of lettuce or sour cream with nothing else.   Burrito Amigos also tasted fresh, even though it took less than 5 minutes for my order to be ready. I left content with a box of leftovers in hand.

While I gave it 2 out of 5 stars at the restaurant,  Burrito Amigos leftovers  are not worth the bite.

Burrito Amigos in south Eugene is located at 2445 Hilyard St., across the parking lot from A Taste of India and around the corner from Sundance Natural Foods.

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