Pears and Pesto and Potatoes! Oh,My!

By: Dominique Rossi

Pizza Research Institute (PRI) is  home to the delectable P3 pizza along with many other appetizing vegan and vegetarian blends. The PRI menu features ingredients laid out in a periodic table. The elements chart showcases the traditional essentials like tomato, garlic, and mushroom, but the menu also suggests bold combinations such as granny smith apples with smoked gouda and roasted walnuts. Pizzas can be topped with a variety of dairy cheeses and/or  the homemade v-cheese a.k.a vegan cheese blend.

“Their pizza is consistently awesome.” said UO graduate student Annie Jenkins while enjoying a slice of #4, the topping mixture of Chevre, marinated eggplant and carmelized onions. “the food never disappoints me and the orange-infused water is a nice touch too.”

PRI also offers alcoholic beverages for diners daring enough to enjoy a shot of tequila with their entree. For lunchers looking for a sweeter drink and lighter meal,  PRI offers a honey lemonade and a variety of mouthwatering salads including gorgonzola greens and roasted beets.

Those of us who remember when PRI was a tiny blue joint on the corner of Lawrence St and 13th  may associate the restaurant with agonizingly long waits and crowded seats, but the pizza establishment has now found a spacious and welcoming home in the Whiteaker. In true Whit fashion, PRI is artistically considerate and is situated in a quirky locale on Blair Boulevard.  Each ‘to go’ box is  still hand painted with designs before it leaves the door, but  the eccentrically remolded warehouse holds several times the amount of patrons.   The dining room is also large enough to exhibit sculptures and paintings.  Eugene’s beloved Pizza Research Institute, now located in the Whiteaker,  is the perfect place for foodies looking to spice up the standard pizza.

Backstage in the PRI kitchen

Every PRI pizza box is unique

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