Amazon Restaurant Review: Humble Bagel

By: Brooke Brown

Anyone in Eugene walking near 24th and Hilyard in the morning could tell you exactly where the aroma of freshly baked bread is coming from: local hot spot Humble Bagel. Upon walking in, the small cafe welcomes you like your grandmother’s untidy but well-loved kitchen full of home-cooked deliciousness. Stepping up to the counter introduces you to a plethora of options for anyone with a sweet tooth. The chocolate chip cookies are more along the lines of a small frisbie in size, and the donuts look incredibly enticing.

One thing that sets Humble apart from other bakeries is its large selection of whole wheat and vegan options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with my personal favorite, the whole wheat chocolate and banana muffin. All the bagels are baked fresh daily, and you have the option of getting creative with them by ordering a bagel scramble for breakfast or a bagel sandwich for lunch. Everything tastes freshly made and wholesome, which is hard to come by in the days of high-fructose corn syrup and McDonald’s.

Humble Bagel is on 24th and Hilyard in Amazon

But Humble doesn’t stop after lunchtime. The establishment is Humble Bagel by day, and Humble Beagle by night. The Humble Beagle Pub is open from 5pm to 10pm and serves a variety of different beer while supplying customers with a whole new Northwestern-style gourmet menu.

The only down sides to this place are the possibility of a very long wait for your food during busy hours. And speaking of busy, Humble is one of the only places to eat next to a middle school that allows the kids to go get their lunch off campus, so watch out for a crowd around lunchtime.

Regardless, with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly employees, Humble has mastered the act of the organic, neighborly cafe, fit for a neighborhood like Amazon.

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