Brooke’s Media Analysis: All About The Pill

By: Brooke Brown

On the 50th Anniversary of “The Pill,” Time Magazine’s Nancy Gibbs gives a deep look into the scientific and cultural impact of such an influential drug. By weaving together the complex social attitudes of the different decades regarding sex and contraceptives, Gibbs takes a step back in time and gives a full analysis of the issue.

Gibbs delves into this topic in such an interesting and creative manner that it is hard to not be  entertained by her writing. She draws the correlation between the evolution of the Pill and the growing independence of women in our society through her historical facts and zestful writing. Gibbs uses many witty lines to get her points across which make reading her educational piece quite enjoyable for her audience. One of my favorites being, “and the pill become the Pill, the means by which women untied their aprons, scooped up their ambitions and marched eagerly into the new age.”

Through intriguing historical facts and analysis, Gibbs provides an extremely informative piece and backs up her points with studies and sources. Her quotes ans use of facts from sources back up her claims in a creative way, such that it doesn’t overwhelm her audience with too much detail. She also organizes her story into smaller segments, which helps keep the reader’s attention. She successfully presents both sides of the debate in the social aspect of the Pill and gives an objective look at the issue while injecting her strong voice into the story. This is a good example of how to use your voice as a writer but not your opinions, which is something that I tend to struggle with in my writing.With the conclusion, Gibbs brings it all together and touches on the larger issue of the endless paradox between science and social culture.

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