In Amazon, Students and Eugenians Must Coexist

By: Brooke Brown

EUGENE, Ore. – As the University of Oregon population grows, more students are expanding into the Amazon neighborhood, causing a divide between the newcomers and the locals.

Students looking for housing have expanded into Amazon mainly due to its proximity to campus. But for long-time residents, being less than a mile away from a large university has its ups and downs. In recent neighborhood meetings, permanent residents of Amazon have voiced concerns mainly regarding student’s noise violations, lack of rental property upkeep, and the general need for more regulation.

The quaint Amazon neighborhood is known for its relaxed attitude, tight-knit community and easygoing atmosphere. With this new influx of college students, some residents have found that their tight-knit community has become divided. Jane McMillan, 42, has lived in the neighborhood for ten years and is concerned about the lack of respect on behalf of students. “I see grass growing 3 feet tall and hear loud music on the weekends, it can get pretty annoying at times.”

While most neighbors understand that Amazon’s proximity to the University  mean much of this can’t be helped, McMillan and many others are looking for their concerns to be addressed in order to live in peace and harmony. “This is our neighborhood. We don’t mind sharing, we just want to live in peace,” says the Eugene native and mother of two.

But not all students are causing a rift in the peace. Lounging outside her rental house with roommates, UO student Kalie Welsh says she has never had a problem with neighbors because she and her housemates are always respectful. “We aren’t going to barge into their neighborhood and cause any problems. Most students I know around here are pretty chill.” Welsh was unaware that any problems regarding students and locals were occurring around Amazon.

A college student walks home from a bus stop in Amazon

The UO has attempted to solve any issues before they arise with their “Off Campus Living” brochures for students. Currently there is a system where Amazon neighbors can report any issues to the University of Oregon by emailing

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