Biking on Rough Terrain in Jefferson Westside

Living a good distance away from the hustle and bustle of campus-life, the residents of the Jefferson Westside Neighbors don’t have much to complain about.  One topic that is on the minds of Jefferson-Westsiders though, is the roads.

Many of the roads through this neighborhood are marred with potholes and cracked pavement, making any use of them a bumpy experience, in a car or on a bike.

Eugene was recently ranked within the top 5 best biking cities by Bicycling magazine – meaning there are a lot of bicyclists on the streets.  Students who either can’t afford a campus-area parking pass or don’t have a car to get to class, and environmental enthusiasts who prefer the method of transportation to cars, are constantly riding their bikes to where they need to go – but the status of the roads don’t make it easy for them.

Blaine Maurice, a 21-year-old man living near 11th and Jackson rides his bike everywhere he needs to go, and at all hours of the night. “They’re just rough,” Maurice said about the roads, “I’m always bouncing around so much, it’s uncomfortable.”

The poor condition of the roads affects more people than just the residents of the neighborhood too.  Anyone biking to the shops on West 11th, or to the fairgrounds has to deal with the roads as well.

Cierra Marzullo, a junior at the University of Oregon doesn’t live in Jefferson Westside, but a large majority of her friends do. “I’m biking over there all the time, but the roads definitely make the trips less smooth,” Marzullo said, who rides a single-speed road bike, not the most suitable kind of bike for a rough landscape – but definitely a popular one for the city of Eugene, especially with the uprising sensation of “the fixie.”

Jefferson Westside held elections at its meeting on April 13th.  The neighborhood is currently dealing with some issues including the expansion of the EmX route and what to do if the fairgrounds close.  Some say they hope fixing the roads makes it on the list of priorities for the neighborhood this year, including Marzullo.

“It would be nice if the roads got fixed,” she said, “but I’m graduating next year, so I guess for now, I deal with it.”

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