Amazon Neighbors Are Eco-Friends

by Alli Jarvinen

EUGENE, Ore. – Chickens, roof gardens, compost, and recycled furniture make this south Eugene neighborhood a hub for sustainable living.  Residents of the Amazon neighborhood are making efforts to lower their environmental impact. In green Eugene, forward thinking environmentalists are on every corner.

“I just started a roof garden on my garage,” said Leah Holloway, an artist in the area, ” I’m growing veggies and herbs for cooking, so I can reduce trips to the grocery store.”

Chemistry graduate Josh Larkson composts everything. “I donated my compost pile from last year to my neighbor,” he said, “she loves gardening”.

“I changed all the light-bulbs in my house to CFLs a couple years back,” said Martha Miner on her way to pick up her son from a play-date.

Russ, a property manager, has chickens.  He got them so he could have fresh eggs and, when the time comes, a fresh chicken dinner. “They are free range. I let them run around all day in the yard.  They eat grass and sometimes grain,” he said, “I try to do as much as I can on my own and buy locally too.”

A couch rescued by Lincoln from a long life in the dump.

Rentals in the area mean frequent movers.  Seeing a couch, an old desk or lamp abandoned on the curb is not uncommon especially during college term transitions.  “I rescue this stuff,” said Jeremy Lincoln, looking around his living room. ” More than half this stuff was left behind when people moved. I repaint, fix up, and love all this stuff”. This is free and eclectic way to put together a home, while saving big items from landfills.  “If its in good enough shape I can personalize it and make it my own,” said Lincoln. He does not go to stores to decorate his home, he goes to the curb.

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