Brianne’s Media Analysis: Crime Story

By: Brianne Limani

Any journalist who follows crime beats could tell you that there is never a lack of stories on such a topic; and oftentimes it seems that drugs play a large role in these stories.  I recently read an article by Randal Archibold called Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spills Over, Alarming U.S. in which Archibold covers the issue of violent drug-related crimes in Tucson, AZ.

I chose this article because the story seemed interesting and important, however once I read it I was shocked by the way Archibold reported the story.  I read articles in the New York Times a lot, but I rarely find news stories written like features.  Instead of using a lede, Archibold begins this article by describing a detailed (yet gruesome) scene with a story-like tone.

Archibold uses lots of details throughout the article, which surprised me because most wouldn’t think of covering a violent story from such an angle.  However, he did so with enough information to hold the reader’s interest, but not so much that it disgusts or offends.    He also uses pictures throughout the article to further demonstrate the scenes described in the copy.

Also, despite the article’s story-like tone, Archibold utilizes quotes from several reputable sources to support his points, and provide the reader with more information.  The article is lengthy, but it easy to read and the content was very interesting.

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