Media Analysis: Karl Rove Afraid of Color Pink?

This week I made a pledge to explore alternative sources of news. This lead me to The Huffington Post, best described to me as a “Aggregated Web Newsblog,” three words that I feel journalists will be hearing more and more, if not already. This liberal website posts blogs and news stories akin to a political What is newsworthy and what isn’t may be in the eye of the beholder. This beholder was particularly enthralled by a story I never thought I’d see in the history of sensational journalism, entitled “Karl Rove slams Fox News Hosts.”

The background: Karl Rove, the former deputy chief of staff for President Bush, has been touring the country pushing a new book titled “Courage and Consequences”. Rove was a driving force in convincing Congress to allow military actions in Iraq, he has since become a consultant on FOX news, offering political “commentary”.

Following Rove is a group of anti-war protesters named Code Pink and lead by Jodie Evans, who attempted a citizens arrest of Rove during a book signing in Beverly Hills. Evans even had a pair of handcuffs which she attempted to place on Rove before security escorted her away. Evans called Rove a “war criminal” and said in an interview with Fox News that it was a “citizens duty to hold him accountable.”

The analysis I performed was on the handling of the news situation by Huffington Post, via Fox News. Fox News seemingly the only organization that deemed it broadcast worthy and the only one I could find that had video. Huffington Post attends to an audience that would very likely enjoy the demise of Fox News. Our readings of the media can be changed as easily as the text over a youtube video. On the Huffington Post page, video of the protest and arrest attempt is called “Karl Rove Flees Code Pink, Ditches Own Book Signing.” The very same video on local television station KCAL is titled “Karl Rove Gets Disrupted by Code Pink at Book Event.” A Fox News interview of Jodie Evans, which features significantly edited video is entitled “Woman on attempt to Arrest Karl Rove.”

What made me curious about this story is the evolution of a video and how words are twisted and clips cut to please your audience, not to mention why Fox News feels the need to accentuate the fact that Evans is a “Woman.” Jodie Evans is blindsided by the question “Who are you to silence his rights?” Yet, the Huffington Post paints a picture of Karl Rove as afraid of a group of women dressed in pink. In the end, either side has their martyr.

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