Jefferson Westside Pictures

The Veterans Memorial Building on 16th and Willamette, also home to Mac’s Restaurant and Nightclub.  Despite the rainy weather, a few couples were milling about, possibly out for a Sunday afternoon date?

As I was walking by the Eugene Ballet Academy, 2 young women were just leaving the building.  Despite the falling rain, they stood and spoke for some time in their skirts and heels, it was a nice moment to witness.

CatCare Unlimited is a funny place near 13th on Willamette.  I only think it’s funny because of the sign, honestly.  Veterinary Services are in no way funny to me, but that sign always puts a smile on my face!

I didn’t get a chance to see too many homes, but I caught sight of this backyard.  The colors are so bright and welcoming.  This has me looking forward to more adventures into the actual neighborhood.

This is a great mural outside of Riva’s Taco Shop.  There’s so much culture on one corner.  There were a couple people wandering around when I was taking this photo, a couple seemed confused too.

Riva’s Taco shop!  My favorite place to get burritos in all of Eugene.  They weren’t very busy on this Sunday, but I definitely considered stopping in for some Horchata and a bean and cheese burrito!

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I'm a journalism student at the University of Oregon
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