Downtown pictures, Lawrence St.

I took a nice little stroll along Lawrence Street at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. It’ was cloudy that day and no one was walking down the street except me.

At Lawrence St. and 5th.

Not so many people walking on the streets and I noticed this little Cafe and really like it.

Too bad it was closed.

But flowers are blooming.

At Lawrence St. and 6th. This is a very quite and neighborhood with a lot of old houses and factories.

I don’t know if this is a discarded building.

At Lawrence St. and 6th. Warehouse and factory.

At Lawrence St. and 11th.

I like these little stores “Direct Flooring Center” selling carpet and staff.

Obviously, they were closed on Sunday.

I love this house at Lawrence St. and 10th. with beautiful flowers and lawn in the front yard.

Oh, and a little cat was sitting on the front chair, watching me shooting (Don’t know if you could see that).

About michelleqianli

Michelle QianLi is currently studying MCDM at University of Washington. She is a native-born Chinese and came to U.S. in 2008.
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1 Response to Downtown pictures, Lawrence St.

  1. cstaley1 says:

    Actually, the warehouse in the second photo (by Tactics) is a private residence. My boss lives there (she’s the area manager of all the Buffalo Exchange stores in Oregon and Washington), along with her partner, who’s an artisan metalsmith. I go to parties there over the holidays! It’s an amazing space inside.

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