SOTU: Just Words or Real Action?

People in the neighborhood of Southeast Eugene took President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address with a grain of salt and maintained their concerns about the financial state of the union.

Jason, a customer at The Old Pad, was pessimistic about the address and said that Obama’s SOTU “focused more on the fact that he’s in over his head.” Jason said he thinks President Obama will fail in the long run. “The country’s in pretty bad shape, but he doesn’t realize it,” he added.

Jevon, a chef at The Old Pad and typically a supporter of the Democratic Party, stated his approval of the President’s message, but said he thinks, “action is better.” Jevon also voiced his concerns about the U.S. economy. “The U.S. dollar is not stable,” he said. Because he doesn’t like wasting tax dollars, Jevon added that he wants to know what his money is being spent on. In that respect, he’s in agreement with President Obama’s proposal to post Congressional spending online before there’s even a vote.

Andrea, who was out with her friends at The Old Pad, was more optimistic about the ideas conveyed in the SOTU, and said, “I’m excited about his vision.” However, Andrea said that as she and her boyfriend listened to Obama’s lengthy speech, she was still skeptical about the President’s ability to carry out his proposals. Both she and her boyfriend agreed, “one person can’t make a change by themselves.”

Her thoughts were that the SOTU address contained a lot of promises that may or may not come true. As Andrea revealed that she is “not very political,” she also said that she was happy with Barack Obama’s ability to be light-hearted. “I liked that he was comical,” she said, as she recalled upon previous Presidents’ addresses that she perceived to be boring and unrelatable.

Many people said they had not watched the national television event at all because of a lack of free time. Those who did watch shared a lot of the same concerns, but held different degrees of hope for the future.

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My name is Jenni Moore. I'm a Journalism student at the University of Oregon with a focus in magazine and a minor in Multimedia Arts. I love exercise, animals, volleyball, music, fashion, food and pop culture. I maintain a fairly liberal standpoint on almost every issue. I have a boyfriend name Philip and I hope to get a puppy in about a year. I'm enjoying growing up and am getting closer to getting my very own apartment by myself. It's scary stuff, but it's also very exciting!
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