Three years ago at the annual MacWorld Expo, Eric E. Schmidt,   the chief executive of Google, and Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s co-founder presented the iPhone. These two collaborated to create the iPhone what it is, especially when the iPhone uses Google’s search engine. People joked about the two merging and being called “AppleGoo.” Franky, I think it’s a great idea, but the article in the New York Times, Apple and Google have been spatting with each other over apps and providers.

Such a merger between the two companies seem unlikely as Google believes in users being able to download apps across the internet, whereas Apple believes in a controlled environment where apps can only be downloaded from the Apple store. The rift between these two companies goes further when Steve Jobs said that he felt betrayed that Google created a phone that was almost like a replica of the iPhone.

“It’s World War III. Amazing animosity is motivating two of the most powerful people in the industry,” an investor that didn’t want to be identififed. “This is emotional. This is the biggest ego battle in history. It’s incendiary.”

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