Media Analysis: Shockers at the Oscars

Even though there are plenty of those who were in favor of the decisions revealed at the Oscars, it’s safe to say that many didn’t expect The Hurt Locker to win Best Director and Best Picture. Many are upset by the results and think that Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’ went overlooked. Similarly, it seems that despite overwhelming success and revolutionary use of technology in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, it too fell short of expectations.

While one article called “How ‘Avatar’ Lost Best Picture” examines the political and emotional aspects that may have played in to the decision-making of Oscar voters. According to Elizabeth Guider, it’s very possible that voters were tempted to give Kathryn Bigelow the award for Best Director because of her female status, and the emotional timeliness of the film’s concepts.The article also touches on elements of ‘Avatar’ that led to its shortage of Oscars. Guider explains that although there was some originality in its environmental concepts, its social value was recognized too late.

This very critical article was interesting and satisfying to those of us asking questions and seeking answers to why deserving films like “Inglorious Bastards” and “Avatar” did not receive as many honors as they should have. However, the article didn’t present enough of the factual details of the evening at the Oscars. I often found myself needing to be reminded of the winners in each catagory.

I ended up searching through the Google News aggregator to find a supplemental article. What I found was a very informing article called “‘Avatar,’ ‘Inglorious Bastards,’ ‘Up in the air’ Fall Short.” that basically recapped the evening’s results while adding the public reactions to the show. Both articles were useful and interesting for different reasons, but it would have been great if they linked to each other or to a similar article. The first one especially could use some links for reference.

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