Enterprise story progress report

I just turned in the rough draft of my enterprise project to Suzi, and I am very pleased with where I am at this point, with a little over a week until the whole thing is due.

Most of last week involved my persistent attempts to get in touch with people close to my topic about the western extension of the EmX line through Jefferson Westside.  I ran into a few dead ends, but ultimately I set up two meetings with three people: Cosette Rees, a public relations specialist with LTD; Tom Schwetz, LTD’s Director of Planning and Development; and Anthony Rosta, a founding member of Residents for Responsible Rapid Transit (3RT), which is a group based in Jefferson Westside that was created in response to the planned western extension of EmX.

I met with these people for almost all of Friday afternoon.  My interview with Rosta took nearly 40 minutes, and my interview with Rees and Schwetz at the LTD administrative offices lasted approximately an hour and a half.  As you could imagine, I got more than enough good information.

After analyzing my notes, I got started writing my story on Saturday.  Originally I was going to solely focus on the environmental issues associated with the project.  I still have some parts in my story dedicated to that, but after my interviews, I saw that there was also a developmental issue between 3RT and LTD, who have been at odds with each other since the get-go.  So, I also have a good part of my story dedicated to that.

Tonight I finished writing the story.  As I mentioned on Twitter, I got in a deep writing zone last night.  I was completely zoned in with my work.  Usually for writing assignments, I’ll write a couple paragraphs that I’m pleased with, then I’ll go on Facebook or whatnot and waste my time, as I’ve already done a couple times while writing this post.  I must have ADD or something.  I don’t know.

But last night it was weird. I don’t know if it was because I was mad Avatar didn’t win Best Picture, or what.  I was completely focused with my writing.  Boom, boom, boom, boom. Words after words filled my pages, and before I knew it, I was almost done.  At that point it was getting late, so I stopped, watched “The Wire” and went to bed.

I don’t think I would have a finished draft tonight if it wasn’t for that surge in productivity last night.

I still need to start and complete my other sidebar.  I originally planned doing a overview of the Amazon Channel area that might be home to a leg of the EmX route and is not very popular with the 3RT folks.  Now, I have the idea of giving the history of bus rapid transit.  I’m not sure yet which I’ll do.  I plan to consult with Suzi about this in our meeting tomorrow.  I plan to complete the sidebar sometime this week, in between completing the soundscape assignment and studying for two exams.

Finally, here are some additional online sources that I’ve found:

January newsletter for Jefferson Westside that features an opinion piece by 3RT member Ilona Koleszar (PDF required); History of EmX; Also, Rees and Schwetz gave me a hard copy of this map of potential EmX routes (PDF).

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