Update on the Enterprise story: Speeding in Amazon

Speeding is indeed a problem in this neighborhood. People just zoom from places to places and not caring about pedestrians. Though, for this project, I came to realize that by wandering around the area, asking people for information weren’t going to get this article anywhere. To be honest, it wasn’t worth the time for the information I received was rather like a two-setence quote. Seven people I approached, two said something like “yeahh…but I don’t much about it,” while five said “I don’t know, sorry.” That whole scene just left me bummed out, and not feeling so confident about this project. Last week was quite a stressful week for me, and this project just made even more difficult. Anyhow, I realized that I have got to find some real information. Having thought of that, I called up Randy Prince, co-chairs for steering committee at the Amazon Neighborhood Association. He told me that a city council meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 10th (this coming Wednesday), and the main topic they’re discussing will about speeding and bicycle paths in the neighborhood. He told me to come join for there will also be many people there that I could interview. “Pheww…,” I was able to breath again after that phone call. Hopefully things will according to plan from now on. Fingers crossed! Last friday, I also made a visit to the Eugene City Hall, at the Police department. When it comes to speeding, the term “police” comes in mind. Who else would hold this kind of information? At first I was reluctant to go interview a police officer, in fact I was petrified. However, I just decided to drive there myself and just see what happens. I needed real information, and the only way to get it was to go there and get it myself. I realized that by asking residents isn’t going to be enough. So, I filed a request for speeding violation statistics in the Amazon area for the 2008 and 2009, hopefully this information should be arriving tomorrow. AHH! God help me!

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1 Response to Update on the Enterprise story: Speeding in Amazon

  1. Mary Tegel says:

    Kanyapak- thanks for giving me the link. I now know more about your project. It’s interesting and it’s always great to meet a journalist. I used to publish a weekly newspaper of record. Good luck with your aspirations.

    I look forward to meeting you in person.
    –Mary Tegel

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