Oh Amazon, How Great You Are

While doing my last interview I got the idea of doing a sidebar about bike safety and how safe the bikers and biking areas in Amazon are. Joe Peck talked about how biker-friendly Alder street is. Though that is only one street, what about the rest of them? This led me to thinking about biking accidents and the number of traumatic brain injuries caused by them. I pondered this idea because I know it is different from my original idea, but soon I decided it would be more compelling than a feature about biking and the environment.

My interview with Joe Peck was a great interview, which I am still going to use but as my day progressed I decided biking and the environment was not exciting. During my research I found research that claims biking is in the long run worse for the environment. The rational was that by biking you are extending the years of your life, therefore you are going to have a bigger carbon footprint just because you are living longer. Interesting, but everyone I talked to did not agree and really didn’t have a lot to say about it.

Instead I remember an interview that Joey and I had done with a lady who had a traumatic brain injury and spoke of the Hilyard Center. I did some research and found out that a support group meets every Tuesday from 11am to 1pm. I decided to go over and find out more information. Contrary to the website the group actually meets from 10:30 am to 11:00 am. While the woman working was finding the group leaders number another man who worked overheard and inquired what I was looking for. I explained to him what I was doing and it turns out he has suffered from a traumatic brain injury, is part of the Eugene Biking Association and working at the Amazon Park Hilary Center.

I have an interview set up with him tomorrow at 1pm.

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