Friendly Neighborhood: The Supreme Bean

The Supreme Bean is located in the Westfield shopping center off of Willamette St. The group of us tried to come here last Monday, but they were just shutting off the lights and closing up. I had some extra time before class today, so I decided to swing by and check out the cute coffee shop. When I walked in I was surprised by how busy it was. I thought by 10 o’clock it would have died down a little as people were on their way to work and other such things. However, there was a big family enjoying some breakfast together, while other couples enjoyed some coffee and friends chatted quietly in the corner.

Even for being rather busy, the café is quite and comfortable. Most of the seating is just tables and chairs, but in one of the corners are two large sofa chairs facing each other. In the other corner are some pillows placed on the floor and low tables. I can’t imagine adults sitting on the floor to enjoy their morning treats, but for younger kids it is probably pretty enticing. The café is decorated with warm colors and flowers on every table. On the largest wall there is a mural. It is composed of 11 different pictures. Together the pictures document the process of how coffee is made, from harvesting the beans to a steaming cup of joe on your table.

I was surprised by how many different things the café offers. There are of course the usual bagels, scones, cookies, and muffins. The thing that stands out the most is the sweet smell of freshly made crepes. They offer the classic crepe with lemon juice, but then there are some unique ones too, such as one with pesto. I will have to come back sometime to get a taste of their menu.

As I sit at the table sipping my Oregon Chai, I notice a flyer for live music. Apparently every Friday at six there is a “Cozy Evening Series” that includes live music. I assume that they are local artists. If so it is nice to know that they offer and support the community. The café is very relaxing, and seems like a great place to meet up with friends or do some homework. There is also free Wi-Fi offered, which we all know is a huge plus!

About Susie Bartel

I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism (magazine) and minoring in multimedia.
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1 Response to Friendly Neighborhood: The Supreme Bean

  1. Jean Stover says:

    Thanks for your kind words (and photos)! We are so glad you like our cozy cafe! We do love supporting our local community with our free live music, and will soon begin adding local artists to our walls.

    Stop by for a yummy crepe and a mocha made with our homemade dark chocolate sauce!

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