Enterprise Story Update

The ironic thing about the topic of my enterprise piece is that almost every time I went to Friendly neighborhood I passed by Civic Stadium, but never once stopped to check it out. I’ve only had a couple of in person interviews, but the passion for this stadium that the people of Friendly neighborhood have is very apparent.

The first interview I conducted was with Carlos Barrera who is Co-Chair of the Friendly Area Neighborhood Association. I wanted to talk to him not only because of his role in the community, but because he was one of the people that spoke at the 4J meeting that decided whether or not they would put two of Civic Stadium’s lots up for sale.

Carlos (he told me I could call him this because Mr. Barrera sounds weird to him) was very obliging and felt very strongly about preserving Civic Stadium because it was an integral part of the community. He said that it was important that communities have places such as Civic Stadium otherwise it turns into a city with malls, shops and restaurants, but really no character.

My second interview was with Dennis Herbert, the President and Co-Founder of the non-profit group Save Civic Stadium. I actually didn’t know that Herbert was the President and Co-Founder until I interviewed him because on the website there is only a phone number and e-mail, but no names or titles.

Herbert was also extremely obliging and happy to answer all of my questions. I didn’t realize until during my interview with him how long this struggle to save the stadium has been going on since it’s only had articles in newspapers such as the Register-Guard fairly recently. Herbert mentioned that a student at the University of Oregon named Natalie Perrin was responsible for getting Civic Stadium its historic status.  He e-mailed me her information when he returned home and I set up a phone interview with Perrin for tomorrow (Perrin lives in Portland so I didn’t have time to interview her in person).

I contacted Jennifer Geller who is on the board of directors at 4J days ago but she had to make sure that she was able to talk with me before agreeing to an interview. We have a phone interview scheduled for tonight at 9 p.m. I’m not entirely sure how it will go since Geller says that she can’t answer any questions on behalf of the school, so she is only speaking for herself. I understand that the topic of Civic Stadium is a sensitive subject for members of the community so I’m just happy that I will be able to speak with someone from 4J.

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