Develop what? DevelopMENT

As I am almost certain one week from now I’ll be preparing myself for an all-nighter to finish my Enterpise project; right now the project is developing into something I’ve taken a profound interest in.

Originally thrown out as just a starting point towards a real media package, the more I have examined the Whiteaker neighborhood the more I’ve realized how much development is occurring. Paul Buel’s new business, the skate park being built under the Washington/Jefferson bridge, and the EMX expansion are all recent additions to the neighborhood. Although the neighborhood has mixed opinions on each addition, the stories that they are creating are all interesting.

Tomorrow I am attending a Rotary Club meeting discussing the final plans for the skate park underneath the 105 Washington Jefferson bridge.  The Club originally made a target goal to raise $100,000 for the skate park. Hoping to reach this goal, the meeting is featuring local skaters doing tricks, the final two designs for the park and presentations from planners and city officials. The meeting is also hoping to highlight the improvements that the year-round skate park will make to the neighborhood.

My current goal for the meeting tomorrow is to get further information on the feature I am writing on the skate park. I’m hoping to get opinions from Rotary Club members who are helping to raise money for the park as well as the actual planners. This meeting will give me my shot at speaking with the people in charge, the people helping to back it and the people it will effect, all in one room.

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