Whiteaker Enterprise Story continues

Right now I’m in research mode by gathering information, setting up interviews and interviewing artists. Today I had an interview with Meisha Linwood, an artist who displays her work for the Whiteaker’s Last Friday Art Walk.  She invited me to her home where she offered me chai and a great interview.The walls were covered with artistic posters and both her and her daughter’s work.

Her artwork is displayed in Olive Juice, a store selling clothing, lingerie and gifts, and she is currently working as a leather-work apprentice. She went to welding school at Lane Community College, but decided that  this industry was not for her.

“I always wanted to be that political artist. But that’s just not me, ” Linwood said. Now her main goal is to create artwork that brings happiness and joy because she says that is the political stand in the long run. She has worked with recycled materials also because she likes to push herself to think about her work. She once created a sculpture out of a garbage can.

She always wanted to be in the First Friday Art Walk in Eugene, but thinks that the Whiteaker Last Friday Art Walk is more casual and she says that the people are more real, or at least seem to be. She calls  Eugene a small SoHo which is  all about art, community and makes Eugene interesting. Whiteaker also has low rent, which she says helps artists pursue their dreams without needing a large income to do so.

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