Media Analysis: UO and Disney Part Ways

Walt Disney Co. decided that the University of Oregon’s duck mascot does not resemble Donald Duck well enough to keep the licensing agreement of the mascot using the Donald Duck trademark. called it an amicable split between the two. This split means that the UO mascot is not only subject to the rules of the university.

The agreement with Disney allowed the duck to only appear at UO sponsored athletic events unless a written request was approved by Disney. Part of the agreement states that if the agreement is cancelled Disney has the right to have the costume destroyed. Disney has not requested to do so.

Now that the mascot is under control only of the UO, the duck will the ability to make many more appearances and flexibility is its schedule. This years “I Love My Ducks” video may now be followed with a sequel allowing the duck to appear in it.

“What a wonderful thing for Disney to do,” said Matt Dyste, the UO’s director of marketing and brand management. “It’s marvelous. It’s incredibly gracious on their part.

Hopefully with the new agreement the Duck will continue to represent the school to its highest standard.

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