Media Analysis: Now Youtube Is Helpful to Me, But Is It Legal?

I sometimes feel like watching Japanese TV program both in entertainment and informational meaning. I need to watch comedy programs or sports programs so that I make myself entertain. Also I have to watch news programs which deal with political and economical issues in Japan in order not to be behind ongoing situation. In such times, though newspapers are helpful enough, but I also would like to watch TV because the programs provide different viewpoint of the issues.

In fact, many these kinds of programs are now on YouTube. When I want to a political debate in Japan, I can usually see it by searching on Youtube. I personally care about baseball in Japan, so I need such information as analysis of each team condition for the upcoming season. In the same way, comedy programs make me laugh especially when I’m depressed.

But I’m pretty sure that it is legally problem. YouTube basically said that users could upload their own video online, and TV programs should not be online. I don’t know exactly who did first, but the real TV programs was uploaded on YouTube. Actually, some TV stations have already claimed that video on YouTube is legally protected, so the video should be deleted. But after deleted video and suspended account, users can come back there by using different user names. Therefore, if they two go on doing that sort of thing, they’ll get nowhere.

The next way of TV station would do is to take advantage of Youtube and other sites so that they can make profits as a business. I am not personally well informed about business world, so I have no idea how to achieve this. At the same time reporting system change, the system of broadcasting may be going to change in the near future.

About seigaohtani

Seiga Ohtani is a public relations professional based in Tokyo, Japan.
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