The Whiteaker Always Comes Through

Having journeyed out to the Whiteaker two times with the understanding that I was doing research for my Enterprise project, I noticed my focus towards the neighborhood had changed drastically. Originally focusing on what made the Whiteaker an attractive neighborhood, I now approached the neighborhood from a much more professionally geared focused, almost altogether ignoring anything except development with the Whiteaker neighborhood.

Walking past the usual murals and enticing local eateries, I made my way towards Oregon Business Properties, Inc. The business was located in a precarious position (between the Tiny Tavern and Whiteaker’s alcohol treatment center) drunks and for lack of a better term, crazy people, moved back and forth in front of the office. Located in an old house renovated into an office, the small business had a lot of the local charm indicative of the neighborhood.

Once inside, it was easy to imagine the layout of a 1950’s home prior to it being turned into an office. Ken Larson and the rest of the staff were very friendly as I entered and although I’m sure he had work to do, he took time to sit down and talk to me.

Originally worried that my topic of development within the Whiteaker neighborhood was going to be a one sided piece, Larson offered a great perspective substantially different than the theme that I had been mostly hearing since originally exploring the Whiteaker neighborhood. He was also kind enough to give me other leads that he felt would help with my topic.

Leaving the office within an old house, I felt I was given a great deal of hospitality from a business that focuses primarily on development. When entering the building I wasn’t exactly sure how helpful the business brokerage was going to be, but after spending some time inside, I left knowing I had captured another great addition to my Enterprise project.

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