Rexius trail needs work

By Jenni Moore

Last Sunday, literally everyone and their dog took advantage of the nice weather and traveled the 3.5 mile Rexius trail in nature-loving Southeast Eugene.

Judging by the amount of runners who use the trail, one could assume that it was popular for its peaceful and pleasant scenery like many of Eugene’s running trails.

However, the trail itself doesn’t have the most pleasant surface for running or walking. From afar, the trail looks like it’ made up of bark dust, but it’s actually just gushy, muddy slop that gets your shoes dirty and wet as you sink down into it.

blossoming trees across the street from rexius

But apparently those who run it don’t have a problem with mud. While the majority of the trail is flat, runners can encounter seclusion, hills and more mud at a hidden spot at the southernmost tip of the trail.

Those who tire of the trail’s may decide to run amuck in a large soccer field or climb a small rock-climbing wall at the nearby Kincaid Park and Parker Elementary.

Local youth and parents with their small children enjoyed the sunshine on the playground Sunday afternoon.

Playground at Parker Elementary

About jennimo13

My name is Jenni Moore. I'm a Journalism student at the University of Oregon with a focus in magazine and a minor in Multimedia Arts. I love exercise, animals, volleyball, music, fashion, food and pop culture. I maintain a fairly liberal standpoint on almost every issue. I have a boyfriend name Philip and I hope to get a puppy in about a year. I'm enjoying growing up and am getting closer to getting my very own apartment by myself. It's scary stuff, but it's also very exciting!
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