Neighborhood enterprise story

My enterprise story is about east coast artists coming to the Whiteaker. One day when I was out in the Whiteaker with Ryan almost every person we met was from the east coast, and they were coincidentally artists as well. This spurred my interest as I wondered why they seem to flock to this neighborhood across the nation from their original home.

” I hate America. This [Whiteaker] is the only place I want to live, ” Jeff Mason said. He is one of the  lively artists found in the neighborhood.  Mason got his BFA in fine arts at the University of Oregon after attending the New York Students League . When I met him he was painting a cherry blossom tree on the street when Eugene gifted us with warm weather. I asked him why he lives in the Whiteaker and what draws him here out of all places in America. He says, “The junkies and schizophrenics, I trust them more than most people.”

However his outlook on the Whiteaker isn’t promising; he says everything changes and destroys itself in time. Mason references the changing landscape of Eugene from the football stadium’s “O” to the “crap blurring the landscape .”

He also said that he had never seen any media in ten years, even though he owns a computer. He told me to write this down though, as if it would rid me of my doubt: “I haven’t seen any media in ten years. I never saw Bush speak, Obama speak, or the footage of 911.”

So this is the beginning of my enterprise story. I plan on doing a multimedia package with a photo story of  Geoff, a glassblower who owns Eugene Glass Menagerie, a profile on an artist (possibly Jeff Mason), a feature story on artists’ reasons behind the move from the east to the west, a podcast with an artist, and a list of the Last Friday Art Walk artists with bios and photos.

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