Amazon Calls for Indian Cuisine

Maharaja Premium, doesn’t the name just already grab your attention? Not to mention other names like Flying Horse Royal lager or Taj Mahal beer, yes these are the beverages you’ll find here at this authentic Indian Cuisine in the Amazon neighborhood. Taste of India, right around the corder of Hilyard and 24th Avenue, is a very interesting restaurant indeed. The sound of traditional sitar playing in the background as you scoop up your Samosas really just makes you feel like you’re in India! Once again, driving at night in the Amazon neighborhood, looking for something interesting to do; and there it was, a big white neon sign read “Taste of India.” The only place that looked most promising at the time, and the sign said that it closes at 9.30 pm. “Pheww.. ” I thought to myself, “I’m saved for this midnight assignment.”

The first step in the restaurant was like a complete switch of scenery. From this so cold dark usual Amazon night, I opened my eyes to this starry atmosphere as I pushed the doors open. The sound waves from the sitar playing acted like a spell, a magical spell for I was no longer in Eugene. I was indeed transported in a blink of a second to the land of Maharaja Premium, India. I walked to my table as the swift of spices flicked pass my nose, leaving that lingering smell that would make your head turn to find out the source of that spellbound scent. I noticed, while waiting for the food, the strange decoration of the place. It was fascinating, extremely creative. If you’re ever bored or hungry or looking for a late dinner, this is the place to be. You can eat here, or just simply enjoy the ravishing Indian style atmosphere. Want to go to India? Save the plane ticket money and just drive here to 24th and Hilyard, you’ll find true authentic Indian taste here at Taste of India.

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