Neighborhood Blog: Fina Taqueria

Fina Taqueria

By Chelsea Bishop

Fina Taqueria, a local Mexican food restaurant in the Friendly neighborhood, is located on Willamette St. The restaurant’s owners also own Mucho Gusto, another Oregon-based Mexican food restaurant, and Dickie Jo’s, a 13th Ave. burger joint. Fina Taqueria has been in business for four years, and is soon updating their menu for the first time.

Kayla's food!

Upon approaching the restaurant, I am intrigued by a fire pit out front and the warm lighting inside. The interior of the restaurant is subtle and clean; silver tables sit underneath star-shaped lanterns hanging in a neat line from the ceiling. The Taqueria offers a wide range of food choices, serves vegetarian beans, and lists the meat options on the menu under “Protein.”

The young man who takes the orders of Kayla, Susie and myself is friendly and outgoing, greeting us with a smile and asking how we’re doing. Our food is ready fast and delicious; I get a shredded beef enchilada and Kayla gets the world’s biggest taco, which she ends up having to eat with a fork.


Right beside our table is a big mural that spans the entirety of the wall and features mainly red, green, yellow and blue colors. In the painting, flowers that slightly resemble the sun grow from blades of grass that are watched over by a regal-looking woman who I’m fairly certain I should recognize, but Kayla and Susie can’t figure out who she’s supposed to be either so I feel better.

We first get to the restaurant at about 6 PM and it’s fairly quiet, but by the time we’re finishing our food it’s pretty busy, filled with families and groups of friends all contributing to the mellow hum of mixed conversations.

Fina Taqueria is the perfect place to go for a quick, yummy and reasonably priced meal. I will definitely be back!

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