Neighborhood Blog: Enterprise Story

Today I found myself becoming much more involved in this enterprise piece than I had expected. I first started out getting some names and contact information in my neighborhood. Where better to start than the local bike shop. The employees in Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, as always so helpful. I talked with both the store manager and their web developer. Paul, their web developer lives a completely car-free life. Him and his family travel strictly by bike. Later this month he is giving a presentation with his family about this lifestyle. Unfortunately, that event is taking place March 18th. Though Paul was still very helpful and offered to answer any questions I had. After looking around the store I saw and heard a lot of potential for a great multimedia piece. Thursday I plan to go back to film our interview and get something other pieces. Too bad I don’t know a lot about filming. We will call it a learning experience.

Courtesy of Paul's Bicycle Way of Life

After being inspired by Paul’s Bike Shop I went over to the Amazon bike trails to see what  the biking scene was like. There were a lot of people biking, that many be a difficult time to get an interview? Creativity will have to play a role in this one. As I watched people ride by I wondered where they were going. My new idea is to use Flash skills and make an interactive Amazon neighborhood bike map.

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