Media Analysis: Underwater Plate Cuts 400-Mile Gash

The Mayan’s had it wrong. The world isn’t ending in 2012, it’s ending now. Wait no, people are overreacting again.

This article posted on in the science section discusses the recent 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile that occurred over the weekend. The article discusses the damage to both Chile and the tectonic plate it lies upon. The article also goes into discussion as to why the damage seen in Chile wasn’t even close in comparison to that of Haiti; citing the quake occurring offshore and stronger structural design of building in Chile.

The article goes on to discuss the nature of the plate Chile lies upon and how the plate was affected originally in a 1960 earthquake. Getting perspectives from multiple scientific sources, the article shows the tectonic change that has occurred and will continue to occur as a natural process of the earth.

I admire this article mainly because it professionally analyzes the Chilean earthquake from a scientific perspective full of intelligent thought. This perspective shows that the earth although an absurdly insane place that constantly goes through disastrous changes, is by no means going to end anytime soon and the things that occur on it are simply things that we must weather as human beings.

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