Jefferson Westside Neighbors: Second Trip

My second trip to Jefferson Westside begun from Eugene Station. Eugene Station itself is in Downtown Neighborhood, but Jefferson Westside is just 2 or 3 blocks to west from there. First, I decided to go Lincoln Street and down to south so that I could reach to Jefferson Westside. On my way, I just happened to be passing by and saw Eugene Weekly office at between 12 and 13 Avenue and Lincoln Street.

Although I have alreday known the name of the publishing, I still had no idea where its office was located. Leaving everything to my curiousity, I puhsed the door and got into the pretty tiny building. One female receptionist welcomed me gently. I introduced myself to her that I’m a journalism student of the University of Oregon, and that I just wanted to watch inside of the publishing building. She gave me the business card of the editor, and told me that if I’m interested in something about the publishing, I should not hesitate to ask them. I’ve never seen Eugene Weekly so far, I’m quiet interested in it.

After visiting Eugene Weekly, I walked along with 13the Avenue. The Avenue was pretty busy on traffic. This is because there was an entrance of big street, but I was not sure. I was Jefferson Street.

I was interested in Lane Event Center, but one building attracted me. It was located at 12th Avenue and between Jefferson and Madison Street. At the first time I saw the building, I could not figure out what it was. All I knew was that it is pretty big, compared with other houses in this area. Eventually, I understand that it was junior high school, whose name is Lincoln Junior High School. It was just a junior high school, but this reminded me when I was in the U.S. for the first time.

Because the ways of building are different among countries, I felt I was in a world of somovie when I reached Eugene at the first time. College life in the U.S. was also unimaginable to me when I was in Japan.

Buildings are just familiar things for American citizens, but to foreingners those things sometimes have special meanings in that they remind us original intention.

About seigaohtani

Seiga Ohtani is a public relations professional based in Tokyo, Japan.
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