Giant Tacos at Fina Taqueria

Before we even went into our neighborhood we knew that we were going to have to find a place to get food. Our stomachs led us to Fina Taqueria, a place that we had passed many times while driving down Willamette, but had never taken time to venture into. The outside of the restaurant looks like a perfect spot during the summer, with fenced in outdoor tables and a stone fire pit that was burning even during a cold March day.

The eating area was only a little larger than the J361 classroom, but the kitchen stretched farther back. We were greeted immediately by the man working the cash register and handed a menu to look over items. The employee also gave us some information about Fina Taqueria. The restaurant was locally owned and had been around for four years. The same people that own Fina, also own Dickie Jo’s and Mucho Gusto.

The most noticeable thing upon entering was a large mural, and the colorful walls painted in reds, oranges and yellows. There were metal tables and chairs and a bar in front of the cash register. The overall feel of the restaurant reminded me a little of Chipotle, although the food was much better. We weren’t even able to start writing until we finished our food because it looked so delicious.

A group of women came in shortly before we left and took up several tables. The restaurant definitely seems to be doing well for itself; this was also made evident by the fact that the man working at the cash register informed us they would be opening another one. More Fina Taquerias is definitely fine by me.

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