Sunshine in Southeast Eugene

By: Jaimie Goldstein

This afternoon’s sunny air made for an overdue walk in one of the many trails in Southeast Eugene.  A slight breeze made itself present to remind me that it is still officially winter.  But the bright sun, still noticable after five, reminded me that spring is almost here. 

On a trail next to the Hideaway Bakery, I walked along a two-way street up to Parker Elementary School.  The trail was not as peaceful as previously thought.  The noisy cars were a distraction to my (important) conversations.  Besides the obvious car annoyance, the trail itself was muddy with some sort of sand/woodchip combo that almost ruined my shoes.  The good thing about my walk, besides being outdoors, (!!!) is that I pet a few dogs along the way.

A few runners passed by taking advantage of the warm weather.  Up by the elementary school, kids were playing and enjoying the sunshine as well. 

After getting my dosage of sun and sitting in a swing, I was ready to make the trip back to the car and resume my last weeks of the term, when I ran into some little kids cursing up a storm.  Leash in hand with a small dog attached the other end the owner rudely yelled at the dog and called her friend a name I will not repeat. 

The bully left a sour taste in my mouth as I can remember being picked on as a kid.  But I saw some trees with blooming flowers.  I left Southeast Eugene thinking spring is almost here.

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