Media Analysis: Box Office Speaks

“Shutter Island,” one of the most scariest, the most thrilling movies ever made? Perhaps. According to an article from, “‘Shutter Island’ rules box office again, ‘Avatar’ crosses $700 million” by Nicole Sperling, Paramount Pictures’ latest film, ‘Shutter Island,’ made first place in box office second weekend in a row. Sperling said that for this Leonardo DiCaprio-Martin Scorsese pairing earned an estimated of $20.2 million, in which out-grossing all the new releases this year. Personally, I was surprised to see it reached first place. I saw the film, and I thought it was Ok, not disappointed, but not impressive. The special effects and the acting clearly deserve first place. Leonardo DiCaprio really performed at his best in ‘Shutter Island,’ I would say that this is one of his best films yet. The film was really well-made, though I didn’t really like the ending all that much. I won’t speak of the ending or the plot-lines. But lets just say that the end plot was rather expected, thrilling, but expected. Do go see! It is a good film, good enough to fill in two hours of your time on a busy afternoon.
In terms of the style of the article, Sperling used more of an inverted pyramid structure. Sperling placed what’s most important at the top, then went down chronologically in terms of the importance of the content. In this case, Sperling touched upon the films in regards to the ranking in box office.

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