Media Analysis

By: Jaimie Goldstein

The Oscars are almost here!  Next Sunday, the red carpet will be host to many celebrities at the Kodak Theatre.  What will Mo’Nique wear?  Who is Anna Kendrick’s date?  (Both of these questions are relevant, by the way.)  But the bigger question is: Who will win Best Picture?  With the nominations opening up to ten this year, more movies that the public hasn’t seen are able to be recognized.  This includes The Hurt Locker, which was compared to Brokeback Mountain for the mysterious similar wins at previous awards shows.

In an article on, critics wonder if The Hurt Locker will dominate the show like last year’s Slumdog Millionaire, or if the movie will lose the big award like Brokeback did four years ago.

Either way, Avatar is nominated for nine awards next Sunday including Best Picture.  Some critics would rather see Inglorious Bastards take that award for the [SPOILER ALERT] fall of Hitler during the WWII-set film.

Up in the Air has three actor nominations, and Sandra Bullock has received great reviews for The Blind Side.  Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress all go to Precious.

The articles I’ve read about the Oscars all center around Avatar.  The film is still bringing in the big bucks and has totally demolished Titanic.  James Cameron’s film has grossed over $700 million dollars domestically, so maybe it deserves that award.

The past Best Pictures include The Departed, Crash, and Million Dollar Baby.

I’ll be watching the big show next weekend, but I’ll also be tuning into the pre-shows to see who wore what and who brought who.  And, of course, I’ll be watching Fashion Police the next day!

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3 Responses to Media Analysis

  1. kanyapak says:

    inglourious basterds such a good film!

  2. kanyapak says:

    “is” wow i left out a verb!

  3. jennimo13 says:

    I hope that Avatar will win best picture, but with all conversations surrounding its use of performance capture, who knows what they’ll pull. All the films nominated deserve some sort of recognition, but Avatar was revolutionary.

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