The Struggle For Control Over Google

As a follow up to a question on one of our CE quizzes I found an article relating to European nations putting pressure on Google to censor some material that is posted online. The article by Adam Liptak was titled, “When American and European Ideas of Privacy Collide.”

The article talked briefly about the outcome of an Italian court ruling that found Google had violated an Italian law to privacy. However, the real focus of the article was what the future of Google was going to be since Europeans value privacy more than Americans and conversely, Americans are more protective of their freedom of speech.

There was only one image and it was a graphic, not a photo. I thought this was strange because there are so many relevant photos they could have used, such as photos of the Google executives or from the court hearing.

At the top of the page there were links to related articles. One was posted a day earlier, titled, “Larger Threat Is Seen in Google Case,” which focused more on reactions of prosecutors and Google executives, instead of the differences in cultures and values between the United States and Europe. Links were scattered throughout the article, though I didn’t find many of them helpful since they were mainly links to universities.

Overall, I thought that the content in the article was well-written and informative, but that the author could have better employed the options that are available to web journalists.

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