Analysis of Toyota’s recent commercial campaign

Akio Toyoda, owner of the Toyota company, spoke to the House on Feb. 24 about his recall of more cars than the company sold last year due to sticking acceleration problems.  I watched part of Toyoda’s speech, and I was surprised by how much he admitted to the defects of the cars. He said,  ” Every car has my name on it,” although there were 38 reports of acceleration problems reported and a number of deaths that occurred.

Akio Toyoda, owner of Toyota. Photo Attributed to the New York Times

I thought it was interesting that after his hearing a commercial aired about how Toyota was learning and improving from their mistakes and in a sense “moving forward.”  After that commercial was shown, commercials like the “swagger wagon” aired promoting the new Toyota Sienna. With its funny and quirky lines aimed at the family, and even making myself laugh, it’s on its way to creating a good image in Toyota’s name once again. It’s a great advertising campaign,I”ll give them that, but in retrospect of the faulty cars it is hard to believe that the new line of Siennas will  be any different.

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