Media Analysis: Killer whale kills animal trainer

Today I read a CNN article entitled “SeaWorld trainer killed by killer whale” that said Tillikum, a killer whale at SeaWorld, killed one of his trainers, Dawn Brancheau during a “Dine with Shamu” event that followed a splash show. Witnesses said that the killer whale jumped up in to the air, grabbed the trainer by her waist, and violently shook her under water.

SeaWorld’s spokesperson said the trainer died from a fatal injury. Although SeaWorld and its spokespeople are not revealing many more details than the specifics, the article has a sufficient collection of information from witnesses.

The headline is attention-grabbing and had makes some connections with the audience that go beyond just presenting the facts. Whether or not this is intentional is not really relevant. It just so happens that this story is truly compelling and the most important facts are enough to make people want to read it in its entirety.

What I liked about the multimedia story is that the text is quite long, but it doesn’t waste time describing what witnesses and spokespeople said. Instead, it relays a lot of quotes and gives the reader accurate and interesting information. Also, the story also includes three videos. One video is an exerpt from Larry King’s where he talks to a family of witnesses from the scene, another is a news cast that features audio of a phone call from an eye witess, and the last is of a SeaWorld spokesperson’s statement to the public. The story is well-rounded and gives more than one medium of recieving the story so that the viewer can absorb it all.

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