Whiteaker to Southeast

Wow, what can I say? Thanks that we called Whiteaker right away? As we ventured into unknown territory I wondered, “Where is the art? Where are the anti-American Whiteakerarians? Why is the only thing I can find is a Dairy Mart?

Ok, so it wasn’t that bad. There was a lot of runners out on the running path next to blooming cherry blossom trees. We found a Bare Bones Self-Serve Dog Wash: Bone Appetit Bakery, which is actually a dog wash instead of what it seems to suggest. We got drew in by the cute puppy in the window, or rather, I was drawn to it.  Inside we found the “bakery” for the pups which had some items that looked humanely edible.

The baked goods of the Bone Appetit Bakery in Southeast Eugene

After taking a quick walk through of the place, we headed down towards the running trails. To seem as innocent as possible I took photos of “Ryan” tying his shoes instead of the runners. A turn of the wrist, and whallah! A photo of a runner!

And whallah! A runner photo.

Ryan tying his shoe.

We passed Mazzi’s, which looked pretty good from the outside, and headed over to the Dairy Mart because Ryan wanted a Twinkie/Slurpee. To much dismay, there were no other flavors of Slurpee other than coffee or Twinkies to be found. After snapping a photo of the Dairy Mart Cow, we decided to call it a day. It’s a pretty neighborhood to take an afternoon stroll when it’s sunny outside, but I missed the quirkiness that the Whiteaker neighborhood offered for sure.

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